The Benefits of Lohanu

If you are new to guitar playing, you might have heard about the benefits of lohanu, and wondered if it would be right for you. Lohanu is a guitar that uses a wooden fingerboard and features free instructional videos. It is also comfortable and comes in a variety of sizes. You can get started on it right away.


Lohanu is a manufacturer of a wide variety of ukes, ranging from the high-end to the budget friendly. The company has a reputation for quality, value, and customer service. In fact, Lohanu has been ranked as one of the top manufacturers of Ukuleles in the world.

Although Lohanu is not a household name, it is a reputable company with a loyal customer base. They manufacture products for both professionals and beginners, and offer an unconditional lifetime warranty on their instruments. Their Ukuleles are crafted from premium woods and feature reliable solid craftsmanship.

The Lohanu LU-C is a well-crafted electric guitar, and comes equipped with a number of features. These include fully enclosed tuners, a pre-installed strap button, and Aquila strings. It also comes in two versions, the standard model and the higher-end electric cutaway model.

Sound frequency

Music has long been used to heal the body in a variety of ways. This includes promoting higher morale in hospital settings, improving speech recovery, and helping to speed up stroke recovery. However, the effects of different frequencies of sound aren’t always well-known. Fortunately, research is now beginning to catch up with centuries of ancient medicine.

For example, in a study of autistic children, sound healing was found to help the bodies of these children recover faster. This is in part due to the fact that sound therapy can help people tap into their emotional reservoirs. It also promotes goodwill toward others, which can be an important tool for those who feel emotionally suppressed. In addition to promoting emotional healing, music can alter chemistry in the body.

Technical wooden fingerboard

A great feature of a tenor ukulele is its fingerboard. It has been said that a fingerboard is the heart of the instrument. In fact, the wood that is used in the fingerboard can make a big difference in the tone of the ukulele. When it comes to the Lohanu tenor ukulele, you will be able to enjoy a warm, pleasant tone that is perfect for strumming.

The fingerboard is made from a combination of sapele laminate, Mahogany and rosewood. It has a simple grain, yet offers a unique appearance. This is because it looks like two separate pieces on the back and top.

Another nice feature of the fingerboard is the rosewood dot inlays. They are easy to see and help give a clear sound to the instrument. For additional convenience, the tenor ukulele also comes with two plastic picks and a leather pick. It has a built-in tuner and a paracord hanger. Also, it includes a set of high-quality Aquila strings.