Equatorial Energia Benefits

Equatorial Energia SA distributes electricity in Brazil. It operates through the Transmission, Energy Distribution, Renewables, Distributed Generation, Sanitation and Telecommunications sectors.

Equatorial Energia owns 6 concessionaires in Brazil, serving 10 million customers in Maranhao, Para, Piaui, Alagoas and Rio Grande do Sul states. It also owns Echoenergia, a company that develops, implements and operates projects for the production of electricity from renewable sources.

1. Reduced carbon footprint

Equatorial Energia operates in six states of Brazil and provides electricity to more than 10mn customers. The company has diversified its business in recent years by acquiring state power distribution companies in Alagoas, Amapa, Maranhao and Para.

As a result of this, the group’s carbon emissions are lower than those of its rivals. Moreover, it has the opportunity to improve its environmental performance and reduce its overall footprint through a strategic partnership with Salesforce for Sustainability Cloud.

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2. Better health

Equatorial energia is a large company with a diverse business portfolio. Its main focus is power distribution. It operates 7 concessionaires in the states of Maranhao, Para, Piaui, Alagoas, Rio Grande do Sul and Amapa serving approximately 13 million customers.

The company also has a few other noteworthy businesses including transmission, sanitation and telecommunications services. It recently made waves with its acquisition of echoenergy, a renewable energy company in the making. The company is also a pioneer in the use of smart meters and has a few other high-tech offerings on its horizon. Its website is also home to a number of useful resources, such as its mobile app for consumers and businesses. Its best-selling product is its Better Health program. The company offers expert content, free medical supply delivery and peer coaching to help members navigate the healthcare system.

3. Reduced pollution

Pollution is a complex mixture of anthropogenic chemicals and biological material, which can cause local problems at different levels of biological organization (from cells to communities), compromising ecosystem functions and services.

In this context, we believe that a regional scientific and technological coordination is necessary to exchange information on pollution sources, pollutants and impacts, and provide paths for capacity building in order to enhance the capacities to deal with the management of this issue.

In Alagoas, Equatorial Energia acquired the control of its electric distribution company in March 2019. This concessionaire serves approximately 1.2 million consumers in 102 municipalities in an area covering 27,848 square kilometers.

4. Better economy

Equatorial Energia is a Brazil-based holding company engaged in the ownership of companies involved in electric energy generation and distribution industries. It has a diverse portfolio, which includes telecommunications and data transmission, electric energy generation, the operation and implementation of thermoelectric power plants and other businesses that support these sectors.

Among its subsidiaries, Equatorial Energia operates as a power distributor in Maranhao and Para states in Brazil. In addition, it also has a diversified portfolio in the energy trading and services sectors.

The company is also pioneering in the sanitation sector with its acquisition of Amapa state’s water and waste management utility CSA. This is in line with the group’s strategy to become a truly integrated player in the energy industry. It has already started to build on its renewable energy credentials with its recent acquisition of Echoenergia, which boasts 1.2 GW of wind power capacity and is well positioned to grow in the future.

5. Increased security

Equatorial Energia is one of the largest energy companies in Brazil and engages in electric energy generation and distribution operations in different regions of the country. Its main business segments are Distribution, Transmission, Services and Trading.

The company is backed by a variety of investment banks and institutional investors, and its shares are held by six major institutional players. This makes it an attractive investment option for those interested in renewable energy and electricity.

Equatorial Energia relied on Norton Rose Fulbright’s London and Sao Paulo offices to complete its 7 billion reais (US$1.4 billion) acquisition of local renewables business Echoenergia, the largest-ever transaction in the Brazilian renewables sector. This deal is part of the company’s growth strategy and will allow it to expand its operating capacity while consolidating the Brazilian power industry.